what is a chispita? (about me)

Chispa--spark. Chispita--little cute, friendly, bubbly, crafty, cooking, dancing spark.

That may not be the perfect, Spanish-English dictionary definition, but it's mine. My abuela called me a chispita when I was little because I was full of energy. Now, the energy's still there, but I'm more likely to create with it now, instead of jumping on the couch.

This chispita is now a new teacher and trying to keep up the knitting, sewing, and creating somewhere between lesson planning, sleeping off excessively long days, and trying to adult. I love knitting and sewing and hand-crafting a life around me, inspired by my favorite bits of a vintage past and a penny-pinching teacher's budget. Pull up a chair, brew a cup of tea, and stay a while!

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