Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the vow: a little bit of sweater inspiration

I watched The Vow on Friday as part of my and my two friends' joint birthday celebration. I loved the movie (isn't it every girl's dream to have a love that is that strong?)...and the costuming. I have to admit, I am one of the many seamstresses, sewists, knitters, and designers who watch movies, TV shows, and plays with a mental ticker of all the clothes they would want to make.

This time, I fell in love with the sweater Paige wore home from the hospital. Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of Rachel McAdams wearing it, but I did find the picture of the sweater itself on sale on ebay.

It looks to be a simple raglan-sleeved sweater, knit side to side with reverse Stockinette stitch everywhere but the yoke. The yoke itself looks to be a kind of lacy rib and to have been sewn in instead of being knit with the rest of the sweater--which makes sense, seeing as it's knit up and down. There's a lace edging at the hem and at the notch in the neck, but the collar itself looks to be applied ribbed edging. There's belt carriers treated like buttonholes at high hip (both the mannequin and what I mentally noted while watching support that idea) with a twisted cord or a i-cord running through it. The same basic idea seems to have been applied to the collar, but that looks to be through the bind off (that would have to be a really stretchy, really loose bind off).

The sleeves seem to also be knit side to side, with garter stitch cuffs, though it could be applied ribbing like the collar.

All in all, a boyfriend-fit kind of pullover that looks like the perfect thing to wear when you're that close to wearing pajamas to school or calling in sick so you can sleep all day. Which means I will be looking for/designing a pattern for this sweater. It's far too cute and comfy to pass by.

And because a post about The Vow wouldn't really be complete without a cute picture...

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