Wednesday, May 2, 2012

waiting for winter

I live smack dab in the middle of the Southwest. For most people, I have ideal weather--warm and sunny almost everyday and mild winters. Sure there's a little wind, but it's tolerable. For a knitter, weather here is a nightmare. Instead of getting to wear my sweaters, I stare forlornly at them while I wait for the two days a year that are cold enough to merit a sweater.

But for college, I'm moving to Missouri, which is by no means the North Pole, but it is colder. And snowier. And it actually has a winter.

I've already started knitting to round out my collection of long-sleeved tees and hoodies. 

Alameda Cowl
First up on my list is a real wool scarf. I've already started this in a beautiful sunny mustard-gold wool. Unfortunately it also turned out to be a lot thinner than I had hoped. (small sigh) I'm still hoping for a warm neck this soon as I finish it. 

Star Cross'd Lovers Cardigan
I'm thinking that I'll either make this as a vest or lengthen the sleeves. Elbow sleeves are very cute but they're also of debatable practicality. It's my first venture into cables on a sweater. I've always loved the cabled sweaters other people wear, but I had yet to make one for myself. There's some steel blue alpaca yarn that I have my eye on for this... 

Bella's Mittens

I'm going to be honest, the hipster in me does not want to cast on for these because they're connected to Twilight. But they're some of the classiest mittens I've ever seen, so I'll cut them some slack.
Lowry Pullover
I've pictured this in either the bright red of the picture (it really is beautiful) or a forest green. Oddly enough, those are my college colors.

I'm definitely looking forward to sweater weather. 

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