Friday, November 9, 2012

sewing fo: fancy friday

Today, my friends, is a Fancy Friday. Or at least a rather shnazzy one.

This is my summer sewing project that I actually finished main summer sewing project. It's Simplicity 2060, which I of course got on a 99 cent pattern sale at Hobby Lobby. I love dark reds, particularly for fall, so I had to make it in a maroon, with of course some black/greyness for good measure. Can't go wrong with a healthy dose of black!

I really love the pattern and it really came out nicely. Easy to follow instructions and all that jazz. I'd show you its guts, but I didn't finish the armsceye seam. It's the only seam I didn't French seam of turn under, and it's not pretty. A few trips through the dryer have frayed the edges, but I'm pretending that it'll be fine. 

It's a little shorter than I'd like, but then again, that's just modern fashions. I need to start remembering to lengthen things. I can't imagine how short this would be if I wasn't a dinky 5'3"!

In summary: 
Pattern: Simplicity 2060
Fabric: umm...two yards of maroon cotton...1/2 yard of black dot cotton? I honestly don't remember.
New technique: Buttonholes! I put in my first buttonholes on this dress. I'm not exactly proud of them, but the buttons mainly cover them... Also, properly easing in a sleeve. Man, did I have kittens over those sleeve heads. But they turned out pretty smoothly, after a few mishaps and some frustrated ranting to my mother. 
Cost: Probably around $18, all told. Like I said, I can't remember...

I really, really love this dress, and I wear it all the time. Maybe that's affected by the fact that this is my only not sundress. Hmmm...

(Sorry for the vaguely children of the corn face.
And the excessive leg showing)
One last thing: I borrowed the hat from a friend because I love anything vaguely cloche style.It's amazingly beautiful, even if it keeps squishing my ears down because it's too big. Darn small head. 

Have a great Friday, everybody!

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