Friday, February 15, 2013

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I fully intended to do a Filmspiration Friday. Fully intended. And then, all of sudden my computer had trouble (over the entire weekend) and the week became a mess of papers and homework assignments and reading Yeah. Blame it on the school.

Anyway, these are some of the things that have been keeping me reading instead of working on my rhetorical analysis (due--eep! Monday), illustrated with random pictures 'cos I hate big blocks of dry text.

'Cos Valentine's Day was yesterday and it's beautiful
(ignore the messy fridge top...)

This reminded me that as a sewist (seamstress? sewer? person who sews? still don't know where I stand on that debate), I already have all the skills to make something from scratch. I don't need to blindly rely on McCall's or Simplicity, no matter how much confidence I may lack.

These shoes are making me wish I wasn't a broke college student. American Duchess shoes never fail to do that for me though. I wanted a pair of Astorias so badly! I still do, actually. They're my idea of the perfect black heel--not too high, interesting design but not cluttered, classy, and the big one for me, wearable with a lot of different things. But the Gibsons are pretty darn nice too. What can I say? Anything Edwardian/WWI era gets my little chispita heart a-thumping.

I know I haven't talked about my love for dance or Les Mis here yet, but dance is a big part of my life (as in over ten hours a week) and I fell in love with Les Mis when I got to go see it on stage last semester. Especially Éponine, who I've loved since I was a sophomore in high school and I read an abridged version of the brick. This costume combines dance and Hugo's masterpiece...and I had something close to a tumblr fangirl moment (no disrespect to tumblr fangirls! I love tumblr fangirls, I'm just not one.) Curtain Call has a Les Mis themed mini line this year and it's making me wish I was picking out my senior solo costume again.

What Tara did with this dress was amazing. I always love a good refashion, but it's something else entirely when the refashion is with something you yourself sewed. She took a dress that could've lied unworn in a closet or a drawer and instead made it into something absolutely darling!

Gratuitous cute penguin picture from our trip to the zoo. 

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