Tuesday, October 8, 2013

top three tuesday

This is super late in the game, but I'm really only doing this because I want to have nothing to do with my French paper*.

...things I wish I could cook, but can't because of ingredients/appliances/supplies

27 Pancakes Worth Waking Up For--the list's from buzzfeed, but oh my gosh, these pancakes look like a sugar overload of  beauty.
coming from the time-wasting buzzfeed

all those pancakes (except for the red velvet because I'm allergic to red food dye).

buttermilk chocolate chip crumb cupcakes

cookie dough dip with garbanzo beans (darn you lack of food processor!)

It's kind of just not fair that I don't have access to all these ingredients and a gourmet kitchen in my building. I mean, I have a whole pinboard of things I want to make. :(

...things that are sew inspiring (aren't I clever, using the oldest sewing pun ever) in blogland


this pattern book from 1940 posted by Lucky Lucille--it's absolutely beautiful.

Anna's entire blog--I've been procrastinating on my homework taking long well-earned breaks reading it, working my way back to the beginning. I kinda want to be her best friend. In a normal, well-adjusted kind of way.

this gorgeous magazine page about appropriate dance clothes by none other than the lovely Irene Castle (dance nerd smile)

...favorite ravelry finds

Susie Roger's Reading Mitts--I actually have these just barely started because I have extra yarn from my sad, shrunken sweater. 

Aidez--my mommy wants a cabled sweater and this just looks like it might be it. 

Faerie Wings--why don't I have a pattern for knitting fairy wings?

...goings on in chispita world

getting a cold and then not sleeping which really does wonders for the cold

silly, silly French papers

The Mark of Athena, by Rick Riordan--from my recent fantasy-literature-for-kids presentation, I know this book is roughly a fifth to sixth grade reading level; my eleven-year-old sister reads them. But. That didn't stop my college kid self from reading it in 12 hours over the weekend, completely enthralled. I have super mature tastes in books. 

*I actually like the book this time, and I usually like French. Honest. I'm just struggling a little bit this semester. 

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