Tuesday, September 23, 2014

september things

Not quite fall, not summer anymore. Just September. Sidenote, does anyone remember Self-Stitched September? Like Me-Made May, except at a time when I feel more like taking pictures of what I wear (totally honest, once I'm home after finals, all I want to wear for like two weeks is my pajamas). I wanted to do it this year, and then I realized that no one apparently did it anymore.
  • Lots of North and South. Early Victorian period drama with complex characters and social justice. Bestill my beating heart.
  • Kinda the same note, but I procrastinated studied while watching TV last night and the TV shows coming out this fall was unimpressive. Every single character just felt like a flat trope, and dialogue seemed canned.
  • Sketching from original Godey's Lady's Book fashion plates for my costume design and history class. AKA the best. 
  • Loving fall -- sweaters and boots weather will always be my favorite! (Specifically, this sweater and a pair of brown lace-up boots; I've been feeling rather rustic and cozy in my style.)
  • Figuring out how to grocery shop/cook for one person. And then there's the two days before grocery day when I eat peanut butter, and I pretend that's okay. Um, so basically that's tonight. 
A little bit of inspiration from around the web:
  • This recipe for black bean soup. Yay for long lasting shelf stables!
  • And this recipe for roasted garbanzos. And then after that, this recipe for cinnamon sugar ones. And 'cos it's all garbanzo beans and protein, you pretend it's all healthy.
  • But maybe my questionable food habits will get better, because I really want to cook more like Kate's supper suggestions here. (Sidenote: I love her blog so much. Might be a little excessive.)
  • I love winged black eyeliner. It's probably that dance life. So obviously, I loved these tips for making a better cat eye!
  • I'm still slowly chipping away at this bag. I always forget how long sewing takes when I'm doing it all by hand. But never fear junk around my room! It will get done. Just...eventually. 
  • Also, I'm super excited for pumpkin baking season. Pumpkin spice lattes are okay. But pumpkin bread is where it's at, folks. Just need to go buy some pumpkin!
I hope you're having a great start to fall! Go have some spiced chai or the requisite not pumpkin-pumpkin spice latte or cider or whatever your favorite fall beverage is.

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