Thursday, February 5, 2015

february things

Fun fact: almost all of January I had a post sitting here, just waiting to be posted, but then I went through a little moment of questioning the narcissism of posting things about my life online and then a moment of I'm-really-busy and now I'm just tired and bored of reading fifty page documents about classroom management, while waiting or class to start. I know February's only been for like two days, but here we are, and the month is short, so, yeah... Sleepy brain doesn't write too well.

Recently I've:

...cast on for a pair of mittens to replace the ones that let in more wind than they keep out.

...cut out a Plantain from the leftovers from this dress. First PDF pattern, folks. I'm branching out into the 21st century.

...cut myself some DIY bangs. That's very recent, 'cos I did that this morning with my new fabric shears in front of my bathroom mirror. I've done it before (several times in fact), but I found this tutorial super helpful for stepping up my bang-cutting game this time.

...rediscovered makeup blogs and vlogs and tutorials. Feels very vain to say that. Oh my gosh so much narcissism in one little post! The Financial Diet cover to cover (end to end? first post to last post? I'm gonna stick with the bookworm description) like a dork, because the advice A. feels fairly relevant to my status as a broke college student living on a very fixed income, B. makes me feel like a grown up. Even if I still can't purchase wine.

...made some delicious muffins loosely based off this recipe, but very, very changed. I might actually put the recipe here because they were so good and I want to make sure I get the recipe down.

...made a social studies journal, invented several math games, and played with water-based markers as alternative watercolors and with actual watercolors as watercolors. Oh, education classes I love you so.

...consumed a lot of tea and a lot of coffee and a lot of chocolate. None of this is probably that great for my health, because it's being done to counteract being on campus for weird hours and sleeping like a baby (not like the proverbial baby who sleeps peacefully for a perfect, refreshing eight hours, but like a real baby who wakes up every two hours starving and then can't fall back to sleep and therefore looks at recipes on Pinterest.)

...found out just how much fun a pair of "teacher shoes" (the kind with heels that make the click-clack sounds as you walk down the hallway) can be. Guys. It's like an instant power/confidence boost, as long as you stay within the limits of what you can walk in.

(Forgive me for the really bad collage at the top. I was trying to illustrate this! This is the source for the makeup photo.)


  1. Lisa!! Firstly, your February looks like it's been lovely so far...muffins, mittens, and makeup. All good things.

    Secondly - thank you for the birthday wishes. :)

    And thirdly, YES, the retreat I talked about on my blog is Awakening! I'm Gopher Staff Head for our retreat which is next month, so things are picking up speed. What a small world!! What were you on Leadership? Also, you wouldn't happen to be in/near Texas and want to come staff, would you? ;)

  2. Muffins, mittens, and makeup are most definitely lovely things. :) So exciting that you're going to lead Awakening! I was a small group leader, which was a ton of fun. I actually live in Texas part of the year, but I'm at college in Missouri now so I can't be of too much help. Let me know if I can long distance help and especially when the retreat is so I can pray for all of you! :)

  3. Does drinking tea out of jam jars work? Because I'm probably too cheap to go and buy dollar store mugs (that I'll inevitably break when I drop them in the sink).


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