Thursday, March 9, 2017

project planning: gonna-get-it-done bruyere

I have this horrible tendency to be over ambitious when I make plans and personal goals.

I had a not-so-happy last few months, and my first response is to try to overhaul. Join a yoga class! Join the church choir! Make friends! Rework the entire classroom from top to bottom! Jump feet first into five or six projects at once! Write a pile of short stories! Go big or go home, right? I realize that all this does is leave me wiped out with some halfhearted attempts at different goals and a shaken, discouraged feeling in the pit of my stomach. Instead, I'm trying to shift to small, manageable goals. One craft. One new activity. One change in the classroom. Plenty of room for error and for getting tired and falling short. I've found that giving myself that leeway room is how I actually succeed. 

Small, manageable changes. Illustrated with only the worst and most blurred out of pictures, but you can see that beautiful fabric.

To start with, I'm only committing to making one thing. I bought Deer and Doe's Bruyère pattern as a treat way back during Black Friday. My goal is to make my pretty blue Bruyère by Easter. I've bought this beautiful fabric from Fabricworm, I've massacred a tired, worn out blouse for buttons, and I've decided to be lazy and use the white thread I already have. I even got fancy pattern tracing paper, to save my beautiful paper copy of the expensive, expensive but already beloved indie pattern. It made cutting out the fabric a dream.

Goal set. Let's see how this works out. 

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