Thursday, July 19, 2012

a gig 'em kind of fo: the aggie hats

During the summer, I'm the kind of knitter who speed knits like she has a bet about Ravelympics (oops, make that the "Ravellenic Games"). So when two of my best friends asked for Texas A&M hats for this fall, who would expect me to say no? Especially when I had the perfect maroon and white yarn just sitting around at home, screaming to be made into hats for a couple of spirited College Station freshmen.

Enter: the Aggie hats. (I apologize in advance for the crappy/webcam/inside picture. I'm still in the process of acquiring a digital camera. So until then, it's going to bad angles and bad side lighting. Bleh.)

These are practically identical twin hats, but their mother knows that the one on top is more round and tam-ish, the bottom one is triangular (don't ask), and they have different colored centers.

Raveled here and here.

Pattern: One was basically self-designed. The other was half me, half Brambles. We'll call that one a very drastic mod.

Yarn: some slightly sketchy acrylic that I acquired from my Statistics teacher because I and three of my friends knit through that class.

These were super quick projects. Or it started out that way. I cast on for the first one on the Fourth of July and cast off shortly after the fireworks. And then like the AP nerd that I am, I got suckered into cramming for my French placement test by the seductive promises of my old AP study guide. It said all these things about how I'd do so much better on the test if I knew how to use the subjunctive and the difference between "dont" and "duquel" and how it only wanted to help me. But just like it always does, it only left me with a headache and a lowered self-esteem, along with the confirmed belief that "je vais l'├ęchouer comme l'idiote que je pense que je sois" . Doesn't it just always turn out that way?

And after I recovered from the crushing blow that the French review doled out, I put off the finishing making these took closer to two weeks than I'd like to admit.

But they got finished eventually, and they're pretty cute now.

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