Sunday, July 29, 2012

fo fail: the vow sweater

Sometimes you have a genius idea. You're going to do something amazing--namely take a sweater from a movie and turn it into a reality in your very own wardrobe. You design it, and you feel very smug because you, yes, you just designed a sweater that looks like one from the movie. And you knit it up and block it and make it up...only to discover it looks like the unfortunate offspring of a cardboard box and a burlap sack.

Yeah. Not the most flattering thing I've ever knit.
Somewhat needless to say, that sad attempt at a reconstruction is now neat pile of teal yarn balls for use in a new sweater project. Except for the sleeves. Those turned out to be fine. (So I can design sleeves but not a whole sweater.)

But hindsight being 20/20 and all that, I remembered how some clothes will look bad on me, despite being really pretty on the shelf, just because we all have different figures, yada, yada, yada. I'm pretty sure we all know the speech. So something oversized will automatically make me look like I've eaten a few too many slices of cake.

But, hey, on the bright side, this is going to make me try harder to actually make flattering clothes instead of just making whatever I like. Or at least until I fall in love with the next super unflattering-yet-gorgeous pattern.

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