Monday, August 27, 2012

diy luggage creativity

According to my mother, my sister, and Little Town on the Prairie, one of the biggest purchases before college is luggage. And a computer and sheets and a ridiculous amount of food to have in your dorm room at any given time. So when I got my boring, black luggage, I had one obvious task: this needed to be decorated so I could spot it from the sea of boring, black luggage.

My artistic ability falls right about at stick people, so I decided to write quotes all over my bag. Easy, and a great way to personalize things that lack originality.

My books of choice

This is an easy job. Grab a stack of your favorite books or movies or internet videos (though those can't quite be grabbed), and pick your favorite quotes. Then just write them on your luggage with a black or silver sharpie (black for things like red and green bags, silver for things like black and navy blue bags).

You could do this on luggage like I did, or on a notebook, a mug, or even a piece of paper for a kind of quirky poster. Basically, a blank surface that needs more creativity.  I'm even thinking about doing this on the very basic grey curtain in my dorm.

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