Sunday, September 30, 2012

college food: microwave egg burrito...

The other day the lines were too long in the cafeteria, so I had an egg burrito the other day at one of the many cafes on campus. And it turned out to be a refrigerator-cold, flavorless, gelatinous lump of egg with a tiny smear of cheese somewhere hidden in the burrito.

So I set about trying to improve upon the basic idea: a cheese and egg burrito. And because I recently found out that eggs can be scrambled and cooked in the microwave, I wanted to test the idea out as my first review of how microwaves do everything.


This is halfway through my burrito. I made it with the Trader Joe's Mexican shredded cheese blend that my roommate and I bought to make eggs and chorizo...which we haven't yet. We had cherry tomatoes in the fridge too, so some of those mysteriously found themselves in my burrito in place of salsa.

My opinion on microwave scrambled eggs? They were...interesting. I made two eggs in the microwave according to these instructions. 30-45 seconds per egg in a microwaveable container--it should have been easy. But the eggs wouldn't set completely. Not after a minute and a half. Not after two minutes. At three minutes, almost all of the egg was set, so I crossed my fingers and hoped that I would be fine. I think it was because I microzapped them in my coffee mug, so maybe the egg was too dense to be cooked properly?

The resulting burrito was pretty yummy, despite a little bit of gooeyness, which I told myself was the cheese melted by the heat of the eggs. Because you know what's one of the good things about making eggs in the microwave? They're actually warm when you eat them. Take that, cafe.

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