Friday, October 5, 2012

fo: getting better all the time sweater

I may or may not have finished this sweater back in mid-August. I know, I am a shameful person fully deserving of whatever degradation the internet decides to shove at me. But in good news, I figured out how to work the self-timer on camera...sort of.

headless Lisa!

Pattern: self-designed

Yarn: Yarn Bee Andes Alpaca 70/30, in Peacock...I think. 

Raveled here.

I based this off a sweater I saw in a Delia's catalog maybe four years ago that I loved. Which probably means that this is not at all fashionable anymore, but it's comfy and warm and cable-y. I love it very, very much. 

What is that lovely thing outside of my dorm window? 

I think it may be a bad thing that I already wore this sweater in complete seriousness because I was cold. It's October, folks. I'm going to freeze to death this winter while my friend from Wisconsin laughs at my internal Texas thermostat. 

In other news, welcome to my dorm room! As long as I stick to the side with the window, you guys will never have to see how messy it can get. It's a fun, messy room. My floor is substance free, so we're not supposed to be drinking on the floor. We can, however, stay up til two in the morning talking over food, something which my room has a lot of. Normally on any given weekend you can find six or seven people hanging out in my supposed-to-be triple because we're the completely sober party room!

Until next time, happy weekend you guys! I'll be studying and staying up late with my floor buddies.


  1. That sweater is gorgeous! I need to practice knitting some more - now I can only knit scarves.

    <3 Melissa

    1. Thanks Melissa! I love knitting scarves; they're a fun stress-relief knit. :)


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