Wednesday, January 23, 2013

invited to dinner

When you have a family of eight all (mostly) obsessed with Downton Abbey, how do you celebrate the beginning of the new season?

With a dinner, of course.

My mom texted me while I was still at college--before finals had officially started, even, to tell me that we should have a Downton dinner. Fine china, real crystal, fancy food. Heck yeah, count me in--with the small edit that it be a dress-up affair.

My mom and I came up with the menu after studying a couple of Titanic books--one was The Titanic Pocketbook  and the other my siblings' picture book --with reproduction menus inside. Then we looked up how exactly to make the mystery dishes that the menus contained. In other words, we became Mrs. Patmore and Daisy.

So this, my friends is what happens to that family when creativity struck.


Hors d'Oeuvres Variés

Beef Consommé

Salade Verte

Baked Salmon with Dill Sauce

Creamed Carrots

Boiled Rice

Green Peas


French (Vanilla) Ice Cream

My older sister and I decided to dress period--me in my 1910s prom dress and she in a nineties-goes-twenties kind of remix dress. And then everyone followed us in getting all gussied up for the affair, except for my parents. Well, you gotta try. The fact that my younger brothers wore tucked in shirts and that my brother Joseph wore a tie just goes to show what a fantastic (and slightly odd) family I have. 

All in all, it was a wonderful night. Excellent food, fine dining, and getting to play pretend, which doesn't happen often enough anymore that I'm eighteen and expected to be this mysterious "adult" thing. (Lies!)

I won't pass judgement on the season as a whole until I've seen more, but so far it's at the very least interesting. I've been enjoying myself as I watch them, curled up in a chair in my dorm room as everyone else does sensible things like homework. But that's overrated! Who needs to do homework? 

Oh yeah. College students. Well, I guess that leaves me to go back to writing my paper.

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