Friday, February 1, 2013

filmspiration friday: northanger abbey

So I came up with a feature last night (which was a Friday as I wrote this) and got most excited about it. Why?

This is why.

This coat. Oh my, this coat.

I watched the 2007 production of Northanger Abbey, which is my favorite of her novels, possibly because Catherine reminds me of, well, me. I know, self-centered teenager.

The costumes though...Jane Austen interpretations tend towards the period costume dramas, and this was no exception. I essentially want everything Felicity Jones got to wear as Catherine Morland. But especially this coat. It was absolutely darling and she wore it in several scenes, which gave me many more chances to admire it.

The coat front has several lines of what looks like folded bias tape across each flap, with buttons on the center edges. One row looks decorative, with a very slight overlap on the other side so that the other row is functional. There is a very small controlled shawl collar with a rounded-but-pointed back (you'll see in a second) and oh so period puffed sleeves. I've got to say, I'm not a big fan of puffed sleeves. They just don't really do it for me.

There's a midriff-y waistband connecting the bodice part and the skirt part, and then the back--which got me almost as excited as that stylish little front.

Look at those pleats! The volume just looks fun. There's also a couple of buttons that match the front on the center back waistline, and some princess seaming, if I'm correct. 

The top of the coat looks like it would have some interfacing to make it have those clean, sharp, tailored edges. 

I actually have something of a need for an in-between temperature kind of coat, so I'm actually hoping to make it, probably in a navy blue or a charcoal grey, because I'm not so much of a pretty pastels type of girl. Also, probably not ankle length. My dresses are not that long, folks.

View D of this pattern by Simplicity looks pretty close to the original front, but I believe that's something easily added on to any pattern. Plus, the back there is wrong. 

As far as I can tell, the Big Four are not fans of this whole pleated back for volume idea, but I think that's something else that could be drafted in with a little bit of pattern experience. 

Altogether, a simple yet absolutely elegant coat that I would love to be able to throw on instead of my starting-to-get-ratty hoodie. But these are the things that a sewist/seamstress/person who sews can fix, right?

I love finding new projects. 

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