Saturday, February 23, 2013

procrastination and vintage inspiration

I happen to love some of the style elements of the twenties. The detailing on all those gorgeous dresses, for one thing. Even a day dress was buttoned and a little experimental. Nothing plain for the flappers!

That being said, I'm not a very big fan of the silhouette. I don't have that figure--I have more in common with Marilyn than Twiggy. In other words, genes dictated that I would actually have curves. (Aside, why the heck did they decide it'd be flattering for a grown woman to wear clothes with the same cut as a five-year-old girl's? Not a good idea...) I do, however, like the fifties silhouette. New Look and I get along fairly well, what with all those waist friendly cuts.

So while I was looking through my copy of Decades of Fashion that my lovely roommate got me for Christmas, I found this picture and fell in love with the details...if not the cut.

Shamelessly taken from my book; source above.

So I got out my pencil and my sketchbook and got to thinking. How could this translate to a more flattering-to-me silhouette? This is what I came up first attempt at translating one time period's qualities into another. 

It's not anything amazing artistically, but I love taking details from one time period and changing them up, so I'll probably doing more of this in the future, whether with princesses (like I thought about here with Belle) or with vintage pictures. It's so interesting to think about what would change and what would stay the same!

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