Wednesday, February 27, 2013

fo: red the color of desire

Though I have to admit, sometimes I pair this sweater with Blue, the color of little falls of rain, or White, the color of singing soliloquies about stars.

I really do like how this sweater turned out, even if it took forever and a half to get it done. And then pictures...I was going to reshoot these. Make myself look more like Eponine, who I love. Because seriously, the chair pictures in front of our one window? Not exactly cutting the mustard...But it's all I have.

What's that interesting thing on the floor?

I have some clothes that go out of wash, onto body. They're the things that always seem to be in the wash if I want to wear them, unless I just did the laundry. (Ah, the life of a lazy college freshman). This is one of them. I love this sweater...mostly. I made the sleeves a tad too short and the sleeve caps a tad too shallow, which makes it a little awkward to wear if I don't semi-block it well after the trip through the old washing machine.

Pattern: February Fitted Pullover by Amy Herzog

Yarn: Hobby Lobby Bamboospun in Dark Rust

Techniques and modifications: I added an inch in between the waist shaping. I also (and this is the big one) lengthened the sleeves from three-quarter to full length. Though apparently not enough.

Raveled here.

Parting thoughts: Considering I finished this over winter break (long time ago, especially as mid-terms approach!), these aren't really parting. But still, I liked the pattern a lot, but I thought a few things would make it better for me, as a lazy teenager. One would be knitting it top down, which I thought about, and then rejected. The seams aren't doing anything for shape and support in this sucker. So I could've just saved myself some time. (sigh) The good ideas that I don't do... I also am not sure what went on with the sleeve caps. Was it the yarn maybe?

This is the "self-timer go off already!" face. 

Lace detail: I love this lace in this yarn! So fluffy... :)

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