Thursday, March 21, 2013

internet detritus and driftwood

Usually, I try to come up with entertaining or at the very least interesting (to me) content. Something about what I sewed, maybe, or something that popped into my head. And other times I blankly stare at my computer because it's midterms and then it's spring break (where I head back to my home without Internet...) and then it's school again and I can't breathe through my nose, so I can barely think. These are the days that I can barely be bothered to put on clothes in the morning, let alone stir myself to do something other than watch Downton Abbey until I cry

Still. Faced with the option of editing my essay or writing something fun about the wonders of the Internet, it was an easy choice to procrastinate on the essay take a short break and look back at the stuff I've pinned lately. No real theme, just joy and love for pretty clothes and yummy food and Internet magic.

M6504--princess seam dress gone crazy, but in the best possible way!

I found this dress while perusing McCall's. And then I promptly forgot about it. So re-finding it yesterday was nothing short of a small miracle. I celebrated with shouts of joy and a celebration dance. 

Dressed and Educated

I watched Titanic over the weekend at an undisclosed late time. And then I couldn't go to bed because I was crying too much (over the random characters, not Rose and Jack--couldn't care less about their plotline, sorry folks), so I looked online at all the 1912 clothes! 

Christine's Blue dress from the Phantom of the Opera :D

My introduction to Phantom was not with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman or even Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum. Nope, I watched the 25th anniversary with Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess (not actually true; I read Gaston Leroux's book back in high school, but for these purposes, it's Ramin and Sierra). And at the same time that I fell in love with the show in its entirety, I fell in love with this lovely blue gown that Christine wears after "Masquerade" in the second act until "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again". I want to make soon as I can figure out a reason to sew an 1870s bustle gown. 

black bean tortilla soup--easy to make with a can of black beans and stuff from paws n go

I'm hoping to cook more next year--despite not having a kitchen in my dorm building--so I've recently gone on a find-dinner-food-recipes kick recently (which caused a pause in my almost incessant repinning of the sweet stuff), and this soup made me excited. Vegetarian, protein, sounds yummy? Check, check, check! 

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