Friday, April 12, 2013

diy college: tuna-hummus salad or making good on the pins

I'm like most pinners: I pin things that I think look fun to make or pretty or yummy. But realistically, I'm a college student with little free time, no sewing machine, and a microwave and mini-fridge at my disposal. Not exactly a gourmet kitchen.

But this week I accomplished a pin, this one to be specific. Not all those recipes. But one, a tuna-hummus salad. I got a little extra creative, but it's mainly the same thing. The best part? Everything for this recipe was available at my college's convenience store-of-sorts, Paws n Go, it didn't require actual cooking, and it was really quick.

Actually, the best part was that it was delicious. Amazingly, wonderfully delicious.

The hummus was some roasted garlic that I found in Paws n Go, to go with the cans of tuna which they kindly sell to meal points broke college students. My roommate bought marinated kalamata olives about a week ago, also from Paws n Go (I know, we're spoiled little children! :), so I chopped a few of those up and threw those in. And the tomatoes in Paws n Go's produce section were calling for a tuna salad home.

Tuna-Hummus Salad

1 5-oz can of tuna
2 generous tbs hummus (I strongly suggest to your creaminess of tuna salad tastes!)
3 olives
2 slices tomato

Mix together tuna and hummus. Set aside. Chop the olives and tomato into bite-sized chunks, for distribution purposes. Mix the olives and tomato into the tuna-hummus mixture, until the tomatoes and olives are well-distributed.

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