Monday, April 22, 2013

sewing fo: the little (mad) bird

Sorry for the room mess! I am. after all, a college student, folks. 

While wearing this jumper, my friend Alex told me I look like one of those birds who are pudgy and go peep. But aren't sparrows.*

This is the jumper (or skirt) that took me roughly 8 months. Now, that wasn't 8 solid months of sewing. That includes over 6 months of school, a time that kept me roughly 1000 miles away from my sewing machine. So I cut myself a little bit of slack (a lot of bit of slack). 

It's beautifully vintage and makes me excessively happy, Long after having picked out the fabric and the pattern I realized how perfectly it fit Julia's Mad Men Challenge!


I may not have her Joan's figure, but it's something that I imagine she would have worn as a student: subtly sexy, with a nice, nipped-in waist, and cute details. Like suspenders. Oh, and a slit/vent. Yep, I'm channeling the Joan.

In summary:

Pattern: Simplicity 1732, c. 1957

Fabric: roughly a yard and a half of mystery vintage brown fine corduroy and 1 yard of lining fabric

Notions: one 10-inch zipper and bias tape.

Techniques: Seam finishing, the classy I'm awesome way! I zigzagged most of the seams and used bias tape on the facing. And then tacked the facing down, so that for the first time ever, my project guts look pretty. I also put in a zipper (which is maybe the third time I've done that? kinda intimidating still) and did a lot of slow hand-basting and careful marking.

Thoughts: I really liked this pattern, though the mere words "vintage pattern" made me ten times more careful. I took a lot more time than normally on this project. Even if you compressed all the time down to say, a weekend. And I feel like it shows. It looks pretty. The only bad thing? An extra inch in the waist shows. I don't have a 26 inch waist. I'm smaller and I know that and I should've taken it in, but I thought I was close enough that it wouldn't make a difference. It does, but not such a large one that I won't wear it. I love this skirt. I feel so cute in it. I know I'll wear it a ton in the fall, when it's seasonably appropriate (I don't seem to ever really do seasonally appropriate sewing. Hmmm...)

Pretty guts!
Closer to the pretty guts!

I'm really proud of those seam finishes. Can you tell?

I love the crissy-crossy suspender straps :)

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