Wednesday, April 24, 2013

diy college: grilled everything-in-the-fridge

Pro tip: parchment paper is a decent makeshift lightbox

I've realized something: I am the epitome of an opportunistic cook. It's not in my fridge and I can't get it at Paws n Go? Nope. Just nope. Even when I go real grocery shopping, I usually forget to look through recipes enough to make a real grocery list. I tried last time and all I did was cruise my cooking pinboard, get overwhelmed with deliciousness (and the sugar content..sheesh!), and wind up writing down "tortillas, milk, and toothpaste". 

But when you can make stuff like this, why try?

Honestly, a recipe for this would be somewhat self-explanatory. What I did was use the flatbread I'd bought the night before at the dining hall, some tuna salad (made according to this recipe), some guacamole (made with an avocado from, yes, Paws n Go), and a few slices of tomato.

What I did to make this extra special is iron it.

Nope, that's not my laundry, that's a sandwich!

I used some parchment paper that we randomly had in our room (because we're cool like that and don't have normal stuff like aluminum foil; nope, we have parchment paper) and set the iron at halfway between wool and cotton, as per the Interwebs' suggestion. The result was pretty nice, compared to the refrigerator cold or soft, kinda soggy microwaved sandwich alternatives. I wasn't very patient, but this wasn't a grilled cheese, so there was no cheese to melt. But the bread got crispy warm, while the tuna and avocado stayed cool (as per my desires) so I consider it a win.

Lesson learned: gourmet dorm room sandwiches are made more delicious with the newest kitchen appliance--an iron. 

What kind of random sandwiches are floating your boat? Is there a super convenient fridge option that you gravitate towards? Shoot me ideas to try in my dorm kitchen!

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