Friday, June 14, 2013

all the pretty ladies: a 1900 silhouette

Hey Internet world! Unfortunately, the end of school meant the end of stable Internet for me (I don't have a connection at home), but fortunately, as long as I'm at the local community college, I have access again. Still, my already spotty presence is just going to get spottier. :/

My senior year of high school I took some really fantastic pointless classes: Theatre and Desktop Publishing, even though I'm not really an actress and I'm not going to be a graphic designer. But the first taught me to use croquis* to design costumes and the second taught me how to make silhouettes and outlines of figures. Useful skills for a sewist/designer, I thought to myself.

Then I started looking for a croquis for other decades. The 1900s, for instance. I like designing vintage/historical clothes, and in order to properly do that, you need a croquis with the proper foundation garments. After all, one can imagine that a modern croquis is wearing a nice bra and some cute undies. It gives the proper silhouette. And yet...these seemingly don't exist. So I used my senior year random classes and my Adobe CS2 (that I got for free), and came up with this:

For the sake of other would-be designers who are lazy and don't like drawing silhouettes and constantly getting them wrong (or want to make a 1900 Cinderella dress like me!), I'm going to share this. 

I really enjoyed making this silhouette, and I'm going to make more for other time periods (probably the Natural Form bustle period next) because I love drawing old clothes. If you guys would like to share in the fun, let me know in the comments and we can all have pretty little historical ladies! 

*I hate the word croquis. It makes me think of how when people die you say they croaked. I will say silhouette forever rather than say croquis, no matter how much more specific it is. Same with trolling and derp. I hate those words with a passion. 

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