Friday, July 12, 2013

fo: rose in spanish harlem

me trying to look like the picture in the magazine :)

I'm not sure what's so Spanish or Harlem about this hat. But I was trying to think of song lyrics about flowers, and that's what came to mind. Maybe it's because the pattern collection was about urban knits?

Or maybe I'm stretching things here.

Back to the hat on my little noggin. This is a Bored Lisa Hat. They make up 90% of the hats I make—the ones I knit up because it's broiling hot Southwest summer and I'm bored out of my skull. So I knit a hat.

Pattern: Speer Cap from Fall 2011 issue of Knitscene, a magazine I've come to love through some good old fashioned ravel-stalking (a word I just made up to mean stalking on ravelry until you think you know everything about the designer/magazine/book/collection and you want to spend your college tuition on yarn and patterns instead of, you know, collegiate things)

Yarn: Lion's Brand Wool-Ease Chunky in Charcoal and...something else

Ravelled here.

I've made this pattern twice now, but the first was with some old maroon Red Heart worsted acrylic that I held double and pretended was chunky. Um. May not have been the prettiest Bored Hat I've ever made. 
This time I used leftovers from the Bella mittens I made (which are mysteriously unblogged) and then decided it needed a big, burgundy flower. I quickly crocheted one up from some mystery wool from a ridiculously old granny square kit that I got for Christmas some time when I was still small enough to regularly receive craft kits for Christmas.

look what a beautiful model my bookshelf is!
Anyway. This pattern. I actually really, really love it this go round. It's long enough to cover my ears (and then some), which is really important for me. I don't really understand winter hats that leave your ears unprotected. I have hair to keep the rest of my head warm. My ears are the ones needing another animal's hair to keep snuggly. I also like the addition of the flower. I like the little feminine addition. Makes it...cuter. 'Cos the original pattern, though nice, wasn't loverly. And I like loverly.  

I'm foreseeing this becoming a nice Winter Buddy for my cold little head once  I'm not melting in the aforementioned Southwest summer and the Midwest winter is dumping snow everywhere, including (but not limited to) my head. 'Cos there wasn't enough legal language in that: hearsay, object, undersigned. And stuff. 

It's hat love. :)

In other news, I'm still in the middle of a highly Internet-less summer, so activity here on the webs is going to continue being limited. But I'm still working on stuff, I promise! I have another hat, part of a cute little dove, a dress, yarn ordered for a sweater (eep! excitement!)...this fall there will be lots of fun things. Until then, lots of chispita love!


  1. Yeah, I was too lazy to move your bear. Or make your bed. Or really do anything to make this look professional.


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