Saturday, August 31, 2013

fo: by-your-birthday, better late than never

the floor is funny. laugh at the floor.

This was my stats project, back when I took stats in high school. And by stats project, I actually mean "the knitting project I worked on instead of taking notes". You can tell I was a very dedicated statistics student.

The idea was to finish it by my mommy's birthday that year. Um. I finished knitting it...I just didn't block it until a few weeks ago. Um. It's only a couple of years late. But I did block it and this is it in its loveliness. Can I still get credit?

Pattern: Live Oak Shawlette by Romi Hill
Yarn: Patons Stretch Socks in a colorway that I don't know the name of, but reminds me of mermaids :)
Time spent with needle in hands: Um. Let's put down an um.
Its ravelhome is here.

I really like this pattern, once again from the incomparable Knitscene Fall 2011. Only, I didn't size up the needle enough, so I wound up with a fairly small shawlette after one repeat. Another repeat made it feel more normal, but I still just wish the thing had wound up larger.

Fun fact: I originally bought this yarn to make this tank top (which I still love, because it's beautiful, and I will make it, despite the complete impracticality of knitted tank tops for me). But then I decided it was waaaay too stripey, so I stuck it in the yarn drawer and looked at it only when desperation started to loom. And then my mom mentioned a desire for a shawl and all the little lights in my brain (doesn't your imagined-picture-of-your-brain have lights all over it?) went bing! Perfect use for all the stripey mermaid color yarn.

There's not much I wish I had done differently with this. Maybe sized up that needle. Maybe another lace repeat. Maybe, um, blocked it sooner. As in before I graduated high school. But the lace still looks pretty and the stripes still look like a mermaid, and most importantly, my mommy loves it and got super excited about it. :D

lace closeup, 'cos when it's lace you gotta do a closeup

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