Friday, September 6, 2013

top 3...

indie patterns I wish I could sew:

Image of 1202 Cambie Dress
picture originally belongs here

the Cascade skirt by Megan Nielsen

the Bombshell Swimsuit by Closet Case Files

the Cambie dress by Sewaholic

(but also the Sureau dress by Deer and Doe--can I make this a top four? or maybe five?)

things I wish were on my needles right now:

shamelessly fliched from here

Velvet Night by Julie Crawford

Stockhom Scarf, also by Julie Crawford

I Heart Cardigans by Tanis Lavallee

(I might be a bit excited for fall and snuggly wool cardigans and scarves and leaves changing and cooler temperatures and...I'm going to stop there before I turn this into why-I-love-fall)

recipes I want to try:

Chocolate Covered Katie's version of the one minute chocolate cake

chocolate peanut butter microwave oatmeal

dorm room enchiladas (my mommy's/abuelita's recipe combined with college student ingenuity!)

things that are confusing me:

comes from here through the glorious google images :)

Yvain ou le chevalier au lion (it's a book we're reading for my French class and I'm totally lost in a mess of "il vint". Passé simple what?)

cronuts (nuff said)

the pricing of Victoria's Secret sweaters (come on, folks, your likely sweatshop-made sweater is not worth $70)

things I want to do today:




Sorry, Yvain, you just didn't make the cut. ;)

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