Tuesday, October 29, 2013

top three tuesday: halloween edition

Two days to Halloween! Do you have your costume? Sadly, I don't, but I'm sure I will! Here are some of my favorite Halloweeny things.

...costume idea posts

Marie's little black dress procrastinator costumes. These are so simple, but a great twist on something that almost everyone has in their closet--a little black dress! It actually started giving me an idea for my own costume. Hmmm...


this owl costume from A Beautiful Mess. Oh, for the time to actually make a costume, even one as simple as that...

New Dress A Day - DIY - Halloween Costume - Breakfast Club - Molly Ringwald

doing a thrifted Breakfast Club costume like this woman did for New Dress a Day (though I'd totally be Ally Sheedy's character--I want to just run around and act crazy!)

...Halloween foods

Campbell's Harvest Orange Tomato soup with pepper. It's orange and black! (plus, it's a great college student, I-don't-want-to-leave-my-room-'cos-it's-Saturday-but-I-need-foods lunch)

pumpkin bread--specifically, this pumpkin bread from Humblebee and Me, because I love chai and I love chocolate. Mmmm...

any and all candy recipes, but especially the Twix and Butterfinger ones. I'm also hoping to make some Butterfinger cookies next weekend, if I get the candy on sale at the after Halloween candy sales I'm counting on the grocery store having!

...Halloween candy (definitively ranked)

Reese's (hands down, those were the one thing I never traded)

Hershey's bars--the ones with four separatable little pieces, not the miniatures. Receiving miniature Hershey's was a bit of a sad event, except for dark chocolate which was the best. 

Dum Dums. Those things are delicious, especially Mango! 

no honorable mention given to: 

candy corn--the stuff is ucky in my book. 

anything that tried to be healthy--I'm looking at you Halloween pretzels and boxes of raisins. Sure, I love pretzels and raisins. But the point of Halloween is to receive enough sugary goodness to cause a fleet of kids cavities.

all the soft candies that went hard on me because I was only allowed three or four pieces of candy a week and I always went for the chocolate first (the real chocolate, not the Tootsie Rolls). 

What were your favorite Halloween memories? Favorite candies? Favorite costumes? (I dressed up as Jane Eyre one year. I thought it was so clever. Everyone else thought I was a sad Victorian lady.)

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