Tuesday, October 22, 2013

top three tuesday

Today, I decided to take a slightly different tact and pin down some of the more abstract things unpinnable things in my life, instead of just gathering up the best of the Internet in the past week (or two, 'cos mid-semester insanity hit during last week).

...ways to challenge myself creatively

('cos we at still a chispita here are all about being creative)

fashion sketches (I've shared a little here, but it's a big part of my attempt to be more creative. I'm trying to teach myself the basics of fashion illustration so that I make my vague ideas something of a concrete reality.)

pick a random object or ingredient in my room and make something with it, whether cooking or sewing or crafting or what have you--tonight it's cream cheese and eggs :)

I use my wall to save pictures, playbills, quotes and drawings that inspire me

surrounding myself with cool things and people who do awesome things, creative or otherwise (my university is great for this--there's so much out there to involve yourself in and so many amazing people who do things  I never even considered, which is all super inspiring)

...favorite comfort foods

beans and tortillas (I used to say I could live off them. I just might do that when I become a real person with a job and student loans to pay off)

microwave chocolate mug cake (it might be kind of a now thing, but I eat this more than I should...)

spaghetti, the way my mommy makes it ('cos there's something special about the way mommies make everything)

...ways to use a three-day weekend

(This was actually my weekend last weekend. As my ballet teacher likes to say, hidden agenda. :)

look at the pretty little muffins posing on a bowl!

muffin-baking (Friday's adventure, with strawberry-oatmeal-dark chocolate muffins)

a little bit of service (Saturday's adventure)

hitting the books (all weekend/Sunday's adventure, 'cos I'm still a full-time college student!) It may not be my favorite use of a day, but it sure beats the mid-week late nights because none of the studies got done on the weekend.

That said, I'm off to go read more French--this time a love-sick couple with strength of character issues (she has all the spine, he has none of it). Have a great week!

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