Tuesday, October 1, 2013

top three tuesday..

(I kinda feel like making this a Tuesday thing. A, 'cos I love alliteration. B, 'cos nothing really goes on in my life on Tuesdays, except Mass and Soup and leading a discussion group of freshmen, which is not the same thing as exciting sewing/knitting/foods stuff.)

...pins of the last week

Low-Fat Cinnamon Brown Sugar Granola--the wannabe chef (the main thing to note is the brown sugar and the fact it's baked)

I actually have all the dry ingredients for this granola mixed, sitting in a baggie on my desk.

a better way to sew bust darts--a few threads loose

I'm pretty sure I already considered Mrs. Depew a genius, but this way of sewing darts seems just so...wonderful.

Sewn: Journal Cover // Caught On A Whim Blog

I love journals! I kinda want to cover every single one I own like this.

...recent/upcoming projects (kinda a teaser of the forthcoming)

re-working oven/stovetop foods for the microwave--like this nummy oatmeal recipe, so get excited! :)

reshaping the guy's button-down I got for free at the campus trading store

the granola that's based off the recipe above

...thoughts I've been a-thinking

why is this a required text if we're only reading 70 of the 360 pages?

is it necessary to fold the laundry or can I just pull out of the bag, cleaned? (I will fold it, guys, I'm just thinking it)

how can I put off doing this reading/writing this essay/being productive? (Answer: write a blog post)

(wow, it really sounds like Procrastination Central round here. I am getting some reading done I promise.)

...new fancy projects I wish I was working on

before it got felted by some careless college student :(

another Lepidoptera (probably in a dove grey)

Simplicity 1587 in forest green (either rayon challis, which just sounds fancy, or cotton)...but that pattern is sitting pretty at home :(

the Three-Hour Sweater pattern--it seems so classy

...things I've been listening to

this song from the musical Bonnie and Clyde (yep it's a musical; yep I'm a musical theatre geek; also I want to choreograph to it so badly!)

Regina Spektor, because I'm trying to convince myself it's good study music/I love it more than studying

the cricket in my common room--oh you stupid, confused cricket!

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