Tuesday, June 17, 2014

summer things

There are a few things that I really don’t like. I usually try to offset them with things that I like a lot. Example: green beans and chocolate desserts (though not at the same time). Despite having grown up in the land of two seasons, warm and hot, I really hate summer. I hate the heat; I hate the inside temperatures that can reach 90 degrees when the swamp coolers become inefficient and fail to really provide some cooling. I really am trying to appreciate the summertime, because I would hope to enjoy all the seasons, but it’s a struggle.

So I’m accompanying it with things I like:

...daydream sewing: I want to make a Gabriola skirt and Simplicity 1587 (mainly because I have the pattern).

…running through the sprinklers and getting soaking wet

...reading beautiful blogs: right now, I'm slowly wandering through The Clothes Horse. Rebecca has a style that is so, so lovely, and she's inspiring my dream fall style (gotta get to sewing!)

....Call the Midwife in all its late fifties glory

…squares of dark chocolate as a reward for not complaining too much

…wearing pretty sundresses because they make me feel better about the triple digit temperatures

…reading recipe after recipe that requires heat, in fond memory of the time when it wasn’t too hot to cook--like this kale pizza Emma made or these pumpkin cupcakes from Sally. I miss pumpkin.

…cherry popsicles that paint my lips red

...doo wop and musicals and what my brother calls "hipster music"

...playing interior decorator in my head. I love these curtains!

…dreaming about that first snap of fall, when the mornings go from being a brief respite from the heat to being a crisp, cool herald of things to come.

I hope your summer so far has been filled with popsicles and sundresses and swimming and whatever sort of summer loveliness floats your boat. Happy Tuesday!

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