Tuesday, July 29, 2014

sewing fo: a (kind of) practical bag

Oh, what a gloriously unproductive summer. To think, at this time last year, I had a couple of projects in the air. This year, I've barely finished a make-up bag thus far. To be fair, I do have a part-time job working with kids. High energy, never-not-moving, 3-12 years old kids.

I've been wanting to make a make-up bag, 'cos until now my make-up has resided in a quart-size plastic bag. Super convenient for TSA, except for the fact that it's ugly and falling apart. I made this with some inspiration from The Dancer's Book of Ballet Crafts, but I drafted the pattern myself, if you can call 6 rectangles of differing size a pattern.

The outer fabric is left over swiss dot cotton print from this dress-ish tunic thing. I had to piece a lot because I didn't have very much left over, but I'm telling myself that the extra seams add structure and shape to a fairly simple pile of rectangles. The lining is that pretty cobalt blue poly-satin leftover most recently from this unnecessary semi-formal, that was fashioned from leftovers from my senior prom dress. The fabric that won't just disappear. Do you have one of those in your stash?

The inside corners are a little funky and the lining turned out bigger than the exterior, but some odd little pleats later and you can't really tell. It's just our little secret.

It's pretty small, but I don't have a lot of makeup (most of my makeup was acquired for the stage and therefore never gets worn except for performances), so it's perfect for me. And even something small and creative counts as being creative!

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