Tuesday, August 12, 2014

end of summer things

Even though I'm eagerly awaiting autumn and those gorgeous trees, realistically, early August is hardly the end of summer. We still have half of the true season. But with my plane ride back to the land of schoolbooks and independent living rapidly approaching, it feels like the end of summer. Earlier, I talked here about Call the Midwife, chocolate, DIY, and my tendency to read blogs like magazines as my newfound summer obsessions. This is a little bit more of what I've been up to and into recently.
  • This summer I've really been loving a clean, minimalist-meets-feminine aesthetic, like Shop Ruche or Lovely Friend. I did a little bit of redecorating around here, and it was largely inspired by reading these truly elegant blogs!
  • Digital housecleaning: I've been going through my little online corners to tidy up what's there, especially my Pinterest boards. If it's not an inspiration anymore, why is it there?
  • I really want to try my hand at pattern drafting! This guide by Madalynne really seems like it's going to be a big help.
  • Watching Doctor Who on Netflix with my little brother - I love Clara!
  •  I love the new Under Armor ad with Misty Copeland. She's such a beautiful dancer, she almost makes me cry.
  • In the search for good small space/apartment/I-don't-have-a-dresser-anymore DIYs, I found this tutorial on Spoonflower for how to make hanging closet shelves. Maybe I should collect some of my favorite tutorials here?
I hope you're having a fantastic end of summer! Have you found anything inspiring or intriguing recently, either in the real world or in your Internet perusals?


  1. I am so beyond excited to read that someone else loves Clara fervently also - I think she's my favorite! And I've been Pinterest-cleaning also...so refreshing!

    1. Clara's the best! I love the feeling of having pared down boards, knowing that what's there will actually get seen. Especially with recipes--there's no way I need ten different brownie recipes!


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