Monday, August 29, 2016

late summer favorites

I've started school already, so my mind is still a little confused that there's still almost a month of summer left to go before we get into fall, based on the calendar. Here's what I've been loving this summer. 

The Office: Jim and Pam make my life feel better, amidst a complicated move, a depressing world, and helping my sister with her wedding. 

The Batman: My brother and I watched The Dark Knight together, and it was amazing. Absolutely, indescribably amazing. It’s kicked off a nostalgic desire for the Saturday morning superhero cartoons I watched when I was a kid, so I’m gleefully devouring The Batman on Netflix, even if back in the day, I only watched Batman when Batgirl joined in Season 3. 

Breeberry’s bullet journal: I’ve been trying to get more into designing my bullet journal, and her weekly spreads have been super inspirational in that quest.

Burt's Bees lipstick in Lily Lake: Mine was unfortunately destroyed after not too long of owning it, but I loved the color, the practicality of the application and opacity, and the feeling of finally having a truly moisturizing lipstick. 

Tarte Tartelette in Bloom palette: Though I haven’t really had anywhere to go that really merited a dressed up eye look, I’ve really enjoyed the pigmentation and the longevity in my simple little day to day looks. Rocker is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite easy eyeshadows for days when I want to look neatly put together, but not futz around with more than one color.

The Brown Bag Teacher: As I've started teaching, this blog has helped me think through my classroom in ways I hadn't even previously considered. Teacher hero right there.

Colette Patterns Dahlia: This pattern was supposed to be my graduation dress, but it turns out that sewing a dress while studying for finals, being sick, and well, graduating is almost impossible. I’ve instead been chipping away at it during the summer, and the amazing instructions and high quality fit (straight from the pattern!) have me sold on Colette patterns. And probably indie patterns in general.

Unfancy: I’ve loved this blog for a while. Caroline’s style in every possible way is beautiful, from her clothes to her photos to her web design, but her words are even better. I find her take on a simple, “just enough and just what is needed” lifestyle inspiring. Maybe it’s because I’m moving twice this summer, maybe it’s my itch for cleanliness and order that comes with transitions, but I find myself drawn again to her pages, after I daydream about mass consumerism, of course.

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