Saturday, September 8, 2012

a sewing fo: ruffly upcycling

I got scared off of math once I had to actually start doing things beyond the capabilities of a four-function calculator. So I suppose you could say my brain has the math capabilities of said four-function calculator, except in late-night games of Monopoly. *ahem*

But this, now this is the kind of math I love to do.


Plus one...

Equals something a little more fun!

I kept telling myself that I would take not-webcam pictures with my actual camera, but the lack of natural light in my dorm room...and college...

I know, lame excuse worthy of being shunned by any nice Sewing Fairies who happen to see.

I used this tutorial as my basis. But instead of making quite such a ruffly neckline, I decided that I wanted a single ruffle that would make something of a collar. I also decided to use a blue skirt that I had lying around as the skirt, instead of making my own. Because, you know, I'm lazy and stuff. And then I decided that I didn't want another empire-seamed dress that would wind up making me look vaguely pregnant, which is always my fear with too-far-raised waistlines.

You can sort of see the ruffly collar here. Darn webcam.
Pattern: Ummm....a tutorial as inspiration?
Time spent: 2 days--partially because I sewed that all by hand, including an attempt at a hand-sewn stretch seam at the waist. Not a good idea, folks. Just use the sewing machine. Sooo much faster.
Cost: Can I consider it free? I already owned both the tank top and the dress, so really it wasn't something I was spending money on.
Last words on it: I'm really happy with it, but the waistline is a little floppy. Easily fixed by a wide belt, but I don't own one of those yet. But I do still love it, so overall this one is a keeper!

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