Friday, April 26, 2013

procrastination and pretty dresses

I know I should be going crazy because the semester is ending and finals are coming up, but honestly, I'm not. I have one paper and one final that I really need to study for, and I feel rather calm. It makes me feel a little weird being the only one who's still wasting time on pinterest and movies and staring at my toes, but maybe finals week can be calm? After all, I did have a week in early April when I had three major papers, a geology assignment, and two presentations to work on at the same time that I was doing tech week for a dance performance. I already did the stressed out thing!

So now, I'm relaxing and writing a paper about the Titanic (part of the reason you got that lovely post a couple of weeks ago!). And in my spare time, I'm pinning all the lovelies from the 1910s. Here are some of my favorites!

Costumes from Titanic
Of course, the movie is always a solid point to start. So lovely!

Evening Gown | House of Worth | c. 1910
I love the sleeves on this evening dress. I'm not sure if this is at all accurate, but from my research, it seems like the 1910s were not a time to have an evening dress with sleeves that went past your elbow. But these are so elegant!

Illustration of two girls in day dresses from a 1910 catalog in my collection.

I could imagine wearing one of these dresses to class if I went to college 100 years ago! They look so neat and polished.
The Girl with the Star-Spangled Heart: Pinspiration: 1917 Paper Doll
And I can't even describe my excitement when I saw that Stephanie had posted this lovely paper doll. It might be later teens, but it's so fascinating!

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